After completing hands-on training, one must either pass their trade test or be competent to do the job. In both cases either in school or at work, below are common experiences:

For the Educator/Employer

  • Poor maintenance of training equipment. 
  • Equipment theft and costly replacements.
  • Arranging field trips can be too much admin.
  • Threat of poor pass rates and low learner employability.

For the Learner/Employee

  • Limited practice time with hands-on apparatus. 
  • No prior knowledge of the workshop and procedures.
  • Pressure to get it right first time and avoid failing. 
  • Cannot experience emergency or unforeseen scenarios.


Immerse your learners in vast workplace scenarios to enhance their competency and make them work-ready graduates.  All this in a risk-free, scalable, collaborative, and fun way of learning you can try out.

Need anything else? Let us help you.

Custom Virtual Environments

Should you require training outside the scope of Metanous, we’ll build as per your specifications.

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360° Virtual Tours

Use 360° virtual tours for induction, orientations, marketing and sales.

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VR Experiences

Book us to bring VR to your organization for entertainment, education and team building.

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Don’t take our word for it, see what others are saying about what we’ve done with them and the companies they work for. 

Mr. Martin Manmohan
    Mr. Martin Manmohan

    Center Manager: Rail Manufacturing Centre for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator (RMCERI)

    “It is evident that students are tired of theoretical learning with limited industry exposure. However, for students to be work ready, maximum industry expose is imperative. In the last 18 months we have immersed over 400 Engineering students to perform work-related tasks through VR at a fraction of the cost to traditional site visits in a risk-free environment.”

    Ms. Nokulunga Dlamini
      Ms. Nokulunga Dlamini

      Masters Candidate: Industrial Engineering (TUT)

      I wanted to prove that the metaverse can be used for work-integrated learning and can possibly increase the graduation rate. All I had was an idea, so I described how it should be and entrusted the XR Lab with building it. They went beyond my expectations and even assisted me with user studies, making my master’s journey a whole lot easier. They’re truly an exceptional team to work with.

      Prof. J.A Trimble
        Prof. J.A Trimble

        Flaghip Professor: Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)

        The XR team presented the most interactive workshop at the INAT 2020 conference where global attendees were surprised with how easy it was to learn how to develop gamified PC-based training apps. Evidently, the team transfers more than technology, they transfer relevant and in-demand knowledge to promote the massification of multiple realities.